Mawaru Penguindrum 21

From a fun-loving series, Mawaru Penguindrum has reached its climax and is now treading in the waters of melodrama. Numerous facts have been shed and it’s only reasonable that these new realizations will pave the remaining way of the series. In my opinion, Mawaru Penguindrum has been wanting to reach this mark, but somehow it got deluded by its eccentricity that its actual goal was momentarily clouded. I’m grateful at the new direction the series is heading albeit quite late in the series.

However, I am saddened as to where the series was taking its melodrama. Light has shown that the Takakura family isn’t a real one as its members are all adopted. Even with this fact, the family has managed to live a normal and family-connected life through most of the series. Everything simply started to crumble when Kanba dived into the cruel world of radical idealism or idealism that thrives through force. The seemingly connected family splits like Masako had expected it to be, but it seems Shouma and Himari don’t approve. Yet does taking punches to the face merit closing off contact from your only family member left, even if she isn’t a true member?

Clashes of thought occur amongst siblings often. Truly connected siblings are those who, even past these arguments, still care for each other’s well-being. However Kanba has blocked this mindset out of him, willing himself to break contact with one member just to save the other. The family crumbles bit-by-bit and it’s a sure sign that their family isn’t true. In all honesty, following the context of the anime, the only siblings who were actually a family were Shouma and Himari. As highlighted in a previous episode, the two are soulmates— Shouma save Himari and for Himari, she feels indebted to Shouma. In that short span of time before her acceptance to the family, Shouma and Himari created a small family— a family that kept Himari smiling. I find it cruel that Mawaru Penguindrum decides to destroy that beautiful image of care and trust in its creation of drama. But that’s all more reason to stay tuned in the series right?

But a crucial detail is left to be filled. Mawaru Penguindrum has been stating about an incident that changed the lives of millions of people. What exactly happened on that one day? Tabuki has shown, through a flashback, that explosions occurred simultaneously on that day— triggering the destruction of innocent lives. Yet somehow they are saved by Momoka’s divine grace— an ability granted upon Momoka to change the lines of fate, but at the cost of her life. That has been directly stated in the series, but what is the ideal of this Kiga group? What idealism did they shove into Kanba’s ass that turned him into an ass of a brother? The Kiga group has been shrouded in mystery for too long and answers are necessary. Is the ideal of this Kiga group actually good? If so, did Momoka’s attempt to redirect the fate line do bad instead of good? We may speculate on every single motive, but one thing is for sure: the Kiga group is a negative influence upon people as they make people forget the things most precious to them.

They say fate is just in the mind and that through active pursuit, it can be redirected. However, isn’t fate naturally occurring and somehow, it’ll find its way to activating? Fate is a messy concept, but somehow one that a lot of people consider in their daily lives.


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