Un-Go 8

Beta known? Bet a known? Bettle lone? Bet a nooooooooo?! Asdfghkl;. Eff the power of Bettenou! It’s so difficult to spell and tongue-jumbling to say. I’d rather throw tables up in the air like Shizuo does in rage mode however episode 8 has been interesting after the whole episode 7 slash and burn moment that it reminded me I should start doings my episode blogs again.

Un-Go has managed to make its protagonist end up in a private jail through mind tricks. In truth, most predicaments that protagonists of mystery anime series are achieved through means of mind control and the supernatural. Of course, Un-Go can’t help but remind us that it’s a mystery anime filled with supernatural beings. In its lack of appreciation at that department, they throw in this Bette-whatever. This Bettenooooo has the ability to turn ideas into reality— so novels become illusions of the mind manipulating people to do what is stated in the ‘novel’. This is how Shinjuro is sucked into the jail— all because Shijuro made contact with the person who had the Bettenoooooooooo in his control.

Of course with the help of oh so awesome Kazamori who floats through cyberspace, Shinjuro returns to his normal self. As we know Kazamori, she/he’d rather do it in a sadistic way involving electric shocks which Shinjuro comments as the last shock unneeded. We all know Kazamori is grateful for Shinjuro’s help in the past episodes, but somehow Kazamori is hinting that simply being Shinjuro’s sidekick doesn’t suit her/him. Either way, Kazamori floating through cyberspace is awesome because of his outfit.

My favorite Kazamori shot so far (other than the episode 5 one)

Currently, the actual gender of Kazamori is questionable. While Kazamori has been depicted as a guy upon first encounter, he is quickly demoted to the status of an it simply because he’s a program. This is where things get messy. While Kazamori is a program, he is able to inhabit robotic bodies and anything with electronics in them. With that said, Kazamori’s current body is that of a girl, so he becomes a she? This is the problem with programs that are able to hop between objects because if it hops to an robot body, the gender becomes skeptical. Right now, I still call Kazamori a guy, but somehow I see him as a her girl in the series. With that, I believe Kazamori is a crossdressing male and does a splendid job of doing so.

Finally I see where Un-Go is heading. After x mysteries where x is a positive integer, Un-Go has given a glimpse of the ultimate enemy now trio has to face. This enemy is in the form of the Bettenou and what’s scary about this clash is that it’ll be between Inga and Bettenou. Supernatural battles can get whacked and insane, but somehow I feel like this battle will have more sparks that most people would anticipate. As Inga mentions that he smelled Bettenou, it must mean they are aware of each other’s presence.

However as we delve further in, we should note that Inga and Bettenou have questionable sides— good or bad. If we take into account simply the power, Bettenou’s seems to be placed in a more positive light as it can make dreams into reality— though retard in execution. Inga’s power, on the other hand, is mainly used for deceptive means as it exposes the truth but in today’s society, there seems to be a growing demand in discovering ill truths. With that established, Inga’s power is relatively evil in a sense. In context of what the anime has depicted, it is the other way around. Inga’s partnership with Shinjuro has caused Inga’s powers to be used for good— or at least good in a moral sense. Bettenou, on the other hand, decodes to grant the wishes of ‘the novelist’ and act that leads to the destruction of people’s sanity. Unknowingly, the skill Bettenou had granted was being used to destroy people.

In the end, Un-Go episode 8 has managed to revive the series or bring it back to its episode 6 glory through a mix of mystery and supernatural.


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