Getting into the Christmas Spirit

I’ve posted around 3 posts for December, but nothing pertaining to the actual month itself. December marks two things: the ending of the year and the spirit of Christmas. These two are crucial parts of December— not counting the dreaded graded paraphernalia partnered with near acceptable results for exams. However, lingering over such negative aspects isn’t part of the joyous spirit of Christmas.

Every December, I’d do something creative in one of my blogs. Last year, in my previous blog, I wrote about the people who had made my year special, which includes why and how they made it special. While it may seem like a great thing to do once more, it now seems unoriginal to the authoress of this blog. With that, I’ll simply list down my ideas for posts in this merry month.

1. Diary of the Dreamers and Dreamless chapter 4

The abrupt stop of chapter 3 has left a few people, if not all, hanging. To make up this abrupt cliff in chapter 3, I’ve started on chapter 4 and plan to finish it before December 25. It can be considered a Christmas gift to those readers of mine, especially the interested ones.

2. Short Stories or Quantum x Xenon chapter 2

Now the reason for the ‘or’ is that my plot bunnies tend to hide from me. Currently, I have no developmental ideas for Quantum x Xenon, so to substitute for its absence (in case my bunnies don’t return), I’ll be writing short stories— or maybe drabbles. It may be anything under the sun, but somehow, it’ll have some spirit of Christmas in it.

3. Twelve Plus Days of Anime

I’m quite sure that various sites and blogs have started a twelve days of Christmas thing for anime. Here I am making my own set of mechanics and ideals. Most people know by now that I’ve surpassed the 100 anime series mark since second year. With the hundred-ful of anime series I’ve watched, I’d be sharing my thoughts of at least 12 of these series. It’ll be a daunting task selecting which anime to review/share about, so if you want me to review a series, feel free to leave a comment on this post or on my tumblr ask. For a reference of the anime series I’ve watched already, check out my MAL, which can also be accessed in the side bar. When selecting an anime series, please choose from either the ‘watching’ or ‘completed’ portion unless you don’t mind half-baked thoughts. If you don’t mind, you may also pick from the ‘on-hold’ portion.

4. Monthly Round-Up: December 2011

Monthly round-ups have slowly become part of this blog as I’m unable to maintain episodic blogs. Expect the December round-up to actually be posted on December 31, Philippine time. I’ll probably cram it while everyone else is enjoying New Year festivities, but for me, fireworks beats writing about what I love. Stay tuned. 😉

I hope you readers wouldn’t mind what is coming up in the December set of posts. I might give a teaser review of one series though I’m not sure which one. I hope you guys suggest what anime series I should review for the 12+ Days of Anime. It’ll be appreciated greatly.


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