Just Like How It Used To Be

At around 4am, I found myself awake and excited. At 12pm Pacific Time, the Population GO (PopGO) live chat was about to start and here, that translated to 4am. The first moderator was someone I’ve gotten close to during my stay in Population GO— Anthony (sjakim). I learned a lot from him on how to review series and how criticism should be a balance in reviews. I was there as it begun and I stuck with them until 2 hours later— one hour added from the one hour they estimated.

It was a fun chat with banters being thrown back and forth. There were supposed to be 10 qualifier questions, but that was cut down due to the enormous amount of bantering and side comments. I managed to secure a spot with the second qualifier question. It was about seiyuus and well, I never remember the seiyuus of different anime characters well. The only one notable to me was Maaya Sakamoto because she voiced my favorite anime character, Ciel Phantomhive. It was a simple answer— nothing elaborate. I was amazed that Anthony liked it. Great minds think alike?

The questions thrown around were to my liking— anime and anything connected to it. That’s one of the reasons why I attended Anthony’s live chat— we have relatively the same taste in topics. Not only that, even when I left Population GO, we still kept messages, so you can say I have this strong co-writer bond with Anthony. This was shown greatly in the chat when I’d bicker with him about BL. Well, it started with the BL hints between him and the other PopGO contributors. Most of the contributors are male, so there’s this sense of BL in the chat— something I would constantly bring up midway every question.

I think I’ve managed to brainwash Anthony that BL is perfectly normal. Well, it showed when I said that he writes and edits anime reviews while being subjected to BL before he could answer another user’s question. He said he could answer himself, but he ended up (probably) cutting and pasting my answer. I felt so at home with the PopGO contributors that I slightly regret not being able to balance PopGO work and school work. But let bygones be bygones, it was fun to contribute to the lively nature of the chat (though it involved a lot of BL). We were eve talking about age at some point and I think I proved I was the youngest in the chat. Ernie even commented that I could pose off as the daughter of ninja, their newest contributor who was 31. I found it creepy and probably did the other PopGO members.

I felt so at home and well, happy. Talking with my former co-contributors was a great way to start the day even though I’m perfectly aware that there are a bunch of school requirements in front of me.

P.S. Anthony, I’m so not skipping school even though I want to, just to troll you (and ’cause Asian parents are Asian).


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