Youtube Channel: ShikamaCHU

ShikamaCHU a.k.a Tonkhai’s channel

If you check the list of channels I subscribe to, they’re mostly channels of instrument and voice covers. However, amidst the sheer number of channels, one has always managed to stand out— ShikamaCHU’s channel. I stumbled on to the channel not through video hopping on youtube, but through a site called gendou. Gendou has a yearly cover competition known as gendou idol. Now listening to all the covers is tedious— that’s why I listen to those that reach the second round. It’s there I stumbled upon ShikamaCHU’s covers— though in gendou, she’s known as Tonkhai.

Tonkhai is such an awesome singer. Her covers are utterly glorious that I can’t help but download the cover once she posts a new video. She has a high-pitched voice along with a wide range. It’s spectacular to hear that I always melt when I listen to her covers.

When you have time, check out her channel. You surely won’t regret it. 😉


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