A Chirpy Merry Christmas!


Hope your Christmas has gone splendidly by the time you’ve read this post. If it hasn’t, no worries— it’ll surely be better. Keep a smile on your face and remember that the bad begins once you become pessimistic.


Christmas day was a shocker to me. It didn’t start out well as I didn’t win anything in this year’s family get together— again. However, the gifts I’ve received have high beneficial value, which is great. Considering that I’ll be shipped off somewhere else for college, all the stuff I’ve received are just what I needed. Thank you— to those who gave me these beneficial gifts. Thank you also to those who gave me something. Thank you to those who didn’t give me anything, but deep down are waiting for the proper moment to give me something— like sushi. What brightened up the start of my Christmas day was this small bird.

It was a shocker to my dad, my mom & me. All of a sudden, we heard chirping within the house at 1am. To our surprise, there was a baby bird perched on top of the fan by the computer area. It astounded us how it got in— only to realize that there was a small gap in the window for the bird to get in. The sad part though is that it doesn’t know how to fly— or turn at least. It only goes forward, so when we startled it (by accident) it flew away only to hit the wall after. It’s the bird that chirps beautifully every morning— the type to give wake up calls. Its voice is wonderful— never fails to get my attention. It’s currently staying in my room until we figure out how to teach it to fly— properly. Because of this bird, the start of Christmas day turned from grudgingly uneventful to positively hopeful.


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