Week 1-Unreal Paradise

Story Title: Unreal Paradise
Quick Peek: “D-don’t. It’s so embarrassing if you do it that way.” Saori stuttered. “But they’re so sweet, especially at this pinkish tip.” Train complimented.
Disclaimer: I just wanted to write something when I’m perfectly aware that I’m supposed to be memorizing a certain monologue. Here is a one-shot story. It is dedicated to Darren Judi as this is his Christmas gift. Cherish it man. Enjoy! 😉

There’s nothing like eavesdropping to show you that the world outside your head is different from the world inside your head.” – Thornton Wilder

Lia was walking along the hallway of the beach house. She had invited a couple of friends to her family’s beach house for the summer break. It was a one-week outing meant to celebrate the fact they’ve graduated. She had invited most of the friends she had become close to— along with a few leeches like Train. Well, the more the merrier they say.

They’ve just arrived and the others were unpacking in the assigned rooms. Of course, it was inevitable that her friends would room hop— even from the arrival it had begun. However, she was adamant that the boys slept together in one room and the girls in another. This was especially true when there was a currently dating couple in the mix— the Koko-Ume pair was not official therefore not included. Yes, she was referring to Saori and Train. She only agreed to it because Ailia said they’d be responsible.

Lia saw Dmitri and Ryu eavesdropping at the door of one of the rooms. It was the girl’s room to be exact. She found it an intrusion of privacy and stalked over there to tell them off. However, when she was about to open her mouth, Ryu covered it right away. Ryu whispered in her ear to keep quiet.

“Are you sure it’s okay for me to see it, Saori?” Train’s voice said with worry. However, it also hinted a bit of want.

“It’s only for your eyes.” She said openly.

Lia, Ryu and Dmitri heard a rustling of cloth from the doorway. It made a soft thump on the floor and conveniently landed at the view of the doorway. They couldn’t figure out what kind of cloth it was, but they were sure it was silk.

“They look so sweet. I just want to lick and suck them. Can I touch them?” Train asked with so much want.

“Anytime you want. It’s all yours— both of them.”

The eyes of the trio bulged out. Both? So that means there are two of the item. The cloth and secrecy behind it— it could only mean one thing. They couldn’t believe that they’d start on such things early on in the trip.

“This is getting interesting.” Ailia suddenly popped up.

Behind Ailia were Astianax, Jin, Yoshii, Amber, Koko and Ume. They were all nodding in unison— though for a few, they were quite disturbed by the wordplay that was about to unfold. From a trio, the eavesdroppers turned into a number that’d be difficult to get away with as normal. However, the ten of them remained stationed outside the door.

“They’re so soft.” Train said. The group outside heard him suck on something, which repulsed quite a number of eavesdroppers.

“D-don’t. It’s so embarrassing if you do it that way.” Saori stuttered.

“But they’re so sweet, especially at this pinkish tip.” Train complimented.

“This…. it’s getting too vulgar for me.” Amber softly said. She quietly backed out of the door and headed downstairs. Jin followed her to make sure she had company.

“I never though Saori would be bold enough to do such an act in the company of friends.” Ume commented in a whisper.

“I’m sure Train is all out happy about it.” Ailia said. It was too much information for the remaining 8 to handle. Then again, the conversation at the other side of the door was getting heated up all too fast.

“I t-think we s-should—” Lia attempted to suggest barging in, but the boys weren’t going to let such an intense dialogue be destroyed. They wanted to know how it’d continue.

“Come on. It’s getting exciting, don’t you think.” Dmitri said with a hint of mischief.

“Really Train, it’s embarrassing when you do it that way.” Saori said.

“You find jiggling them embarrassing, but you love it.” Train slyly said.

Saori couldn’t find a rebuttal and just remained silent.

“They sure are getting it on.” Dmitri said.

The remainder nodded. Lia and Ume had left right after the line Train said. They couldn’t see themselves standing the rest of the dialogue. However, Ailia was like one of the guys and remained there to eavesdrop. In truth, she just stayed there in order to find information to tease Train about— if not tease, to make mushy. She preferred the latter though.

“I figured you’d like seeing them in person after seeing them so many times in pictures.” Saori said.

“Not like— love.” Train corrected.


“Anyone planning to add to the list of people who backed out?” Ailia asked. The others simply shook their heads and continued to listen.

“Why don’t you want to show it to the other guys?” Train inquired.

“Because it’s only enough for you.” Saori explained.

“Can I continue sucking them then?” Train asked.

“Sure. You can even continue downward. It might not be as sweet, but it’ll be different.” Saori seductively implied.

“Are they… could it…” Ryu was speechless. The remaining eavesdroppers were.

“I think we should stop them now.” Ailia considered.

“Guys!” Lia’s voice hollered from the floor below. “Get down here! Lunch is ready.”

The remaining six quickly scurried downstairs. for two reasons: to eat lunch and to stop eavesdropping. They didn’t want to know what happened afterwards in that room. The girls were simply worrying if the bed would be sanitary for sleeping when they returned.

Inside the room, Saori and Train was circled around a tray filled with gummy triangles. The tray had been covered with a silk cloth because silk didn’t quickly stick to the gummy texture— in comparison to plastic that is. The triangles were quite big for a gummy candy, but that made it easier to turn into a lollipop. The gummy triangles were originally created for lollipop use— gummy lollipops were the trademark item in Saori’s sister’s candy shop. One tip was colored pink while the rest was clear. The sweetness of the gummy came from the pink tip and the clear portions had a tinge of spice in them. Sweet and spicy candy.

“I always thought they were fake.” Train said. “I couldn’t imagine a gummy that you could only suck— like it prevents you from biting. Your sister is skilled.”

“Of course! That’s why I’m learning how to make the candies.” Saori said enthusiastically.

“But you know what you’re skilled at?” Train asked. Saori tilted her head to one side. “Returning this well.”

Train effortlessly placed a kiss on Saori’s lips, which she returned with fervor. Of course, she’d be better than her sister in anything Train-based.


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