Specializing 2012

I’ve been wondering these past days what I want to do for a 365 project. Honestly, I don’t have anything at my disposal for such a project- like a camera or scanner- so projects on this wordpress post are basically null and void for me. Unless there’s some magical soul out there who wants to give me a decent camera. In truth, I wanted to do something like blog radstone– talking to some random person on that day except directed to kids and teenagers. However, the apparent fact that my parents won’t allow me to go out alone is stopping me and also, I don’t own a camera. I could’ve given up on that plan, but I really want to relay information about life in the perspective of kids and teens. Therefore, that project won’t have a 365 status, but it’s on my to-do-list of 2012.

So what am I planning to blog this 2012? Other than my occasional rants and praises about different anime series, I’ve decided to continue writing stories. I have a bunch of ideas, but they’re all disjointed. My goal this year is to turn these ideas into stories. I may not be the best writer, but I can certainly try and become a better one. Therefore, I won’t be having a 365 project, but a 52-project. Stories are rather difficult to write, so writing one per day might kill my brain even before I graduate. But that won’t stop me from writing one story per week and in the year 2012, there are 52 weeks. I’ve inadvertently started the project by posting a story entitled Unreal Paradise.

Here’s to hoping that this project pushes through until the end- and that I can have a camera to start the other project.


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