Week 2-Single

Story Title: Single
Quick Peek: She stuck the picture into the farthest depths of her wallet— hoping to never see it ever. She didn’t want some pity reminder about how the current state of her life is.
Disclaimer: Written for the 52-week writing challenge. The basis of this one-shot was a set of emotions I had for the past week. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to write something without feeling a specific emotion.
Status: Un-beta’d. One-shot.

She looked at the seemingly happy picture in her hand. Yes, seemingly— she wasn’t all that happy in that certain picture. She was filled with frustration beyond her comprehension. While she had the sanity to talk her frustrations out with any of her friends, they were the reason for her frustration. In conclusion, she was unable to voice out her frustration. It was quite visible— the reason behind her frustration that day. She was left alone— that wasn’t the only time though. She was constantly left in the dust by friends to spend company with their more special someone’s. Of course, that was to be expected. Being the only single person in the group had its disadvantages, which at that very moment overweighed the positive aspects.

That all Kaylie did during free afternoon— contemplate about her friendships with people. She deeply respected her friends and their choices, but at times, they could be inconsiderate. Her issue now was what to do with the remainder of her last year in high school. Would she still stick to those friends? Would it be better to find a new friend who is single? Single— the word rolled out of her tongue roughly. She had vowed to stay single for her remaining months in high school, but at that moment in time, she could’ve really used a guy. However, there is nothing she could do.

She stuck the picture into the farthest depths of her wallet— hoping to never see it ever. She didn’t want some pity reminder about how the current state of her life is. Honestly, she could pretend not to care, but with the fact constantly rubbed at her face, it was getting more difficult. She sighed in approval when the picture finally didn’t leave any trace of its existence on the first glimpse of the wallet.

“You look down.” A lanky boy approached her.

She glanced at the boy. In his arms were a notebook and a couple of papers. He was either planning to work on assignments early or has finished the said assignments. Whichever it was, the boy didn’t hesitate to take a seat opposite her. He flipped through one set of papers before finding a page to work on. As he scribbled on the paper, he continued to converse with Kaylie.

“There are only a two reasons that could get you down— acads & friends. But since you’re not circled with papers or notebooks, I’m guessing it’s the latter.”

“Always correct as ever, Ryeus.” Kaylie leaned back.

“No. I just happen to know how you think after being with you for a year.” Ryeus corrected.

“Don’t remind me.” Kaylie rolled her eyes in disapproval.

Ryeus was the reason behind her dilemma. Okay, it’s not entirely his fault, but his disappearance caused serious repercussions in terms of her friendships. If it never happened, she wouldn’t be facing her current issue. She shifted in her seat looking for a comfortable posture. Even with all that happened between them, they were still good friends— albeit the type to rarely talk to each other. In addition, they’d only converse when both parties were sure that not a lot of people saw them. Honestly, both parties had no clue why such measures were done, but that’s how it has been since then.

“Look.” Ryeus seriously started. He was looking intensely at Kaylie. “If they’re causing you that much problems, try making new friends.”

“I need a single new friend. SINGLE.” Kaylie emphasized the word with fervor— like her life depended on such a word.

“I’m single.” Ryeus nonchalantly pointed out.

“Yes and also willing to walk around the campus with me whenever I need someone to talk to. You sooo totally fit the description.” Kaylie sarcastically said.

Ryeus’ eyes darkened at the sarcastic reply. He was single and it’s true that Kaylie could confide anything to him, but was walking around campus necessary? He felt offended by the negative light Kaylie had placed him under. Ryeus heard the rustle of papers partnered with clinging metals. Kaylie was fixing herself up, preparing to leave the table he had just sat at.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“Home. There’s nothing to do here anyway.” Kaylie bitterly replied.

Kaylie walked away from Ryeus in a relatively bad mood. She was aware that Ryeus was going to be mad at her for simply walking out, but she wanted to leave. The conversation was just making her think of ’what ifs’ and feel emotions of pity. She was better than that. Running away from it all was cowardly, but that was what she needed to do at that moment— run and hide from the problem.


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