Blue vs. Maroon

Today, the confirmation that I passed the two universities I applied for in the Philippines sent me through a wave of high. It was worth it that I passed Ateneo and knew the results before UP’s. It strengthened my resolve to go to Ateneo— which was partnered up with the whole Director’s List. However, there’s something different about the wave of energy that UP sent upon its affirmation of passers. I felt a wave of contentment— content that I’ve done well enough to garner a place in both schools. However, there’s still a problem that lies in the success of it all…

“Where will I go now?”

My heart has been directing me to a life in Ateneo— always trying to find a slip up in between each argument a friend or batchmate of mine gives. An argument to redirect me back to UP. It’s quite difficult to watch friends quickly decide they are going to UP as if they didn’t shed a single hope for Ateneo. Honestly, it sucks. However, they must have their reasons of selecting UP over Ateneo. While I am sure for most it is about expenses, there’s this sub-conscious mindset that makes them stay for friends.

Are high school friendships supposed to be that tight that we follow each other into college?

I could continue to ask rhetorical questions to myself, but I won’t be guided to that answer that quickly. By passing both locations without a direct goal makes selection more difficult that it should. There’s a lot of things to factor in when deciding what university to go to— friends, parents, personal goals, experiences of others, etc., but it doesn’t change the fact that the choice boils back down to me.

Would I figure out what I want if I listed down the pros and cons for going to each university? 

Improbable, but I will now because it has been bugging me. A friend suggested I write a personal post on this blog after the numerous story posts that have be shared; however I was hesitant. With the onset of fourth year, I decided to switch blogs in order to start anew— to not blog about personal struggles in fourth year because they’re too many to count. Maybe this one time, I’ll give it a go— in order to please both my friend and myself.

When I applied for BS Geology in UP-D, I didn’t expect a lot of PSHS-MC people to follow. Honestly, I thought Geology was an underground course that a few people take— people who had some sort of experience with it. However, this assumption of min was shattered with the realization that we’re more than 7. Honestly, that’s quite a big number for the Geology course— a number I honestly don’t like. The reason I went to Geology is that a few PSHS-MC people go there— usually opting to go into engineering. I want to grow outside the PSHS mindset— it’s not that I’m throwing it away, but growth is needed. Sticking with those you’ve been with in high school and staying with them until college will impede social growth. There’a a horrible Pisay mindset that bundles all the Pisay students together even when in different courses. There’s nothing wrong with it, but the willingness to give a chance to become close to someone new is small. Therefore, I may not go to UP-Diliman (along with a personal issue that shouldn’t be discussed on this blog).

However, course-wise, I’d prefer going in Geology as opposed to Chemistry with Material Science & Engineering. While my likes for both subjects are at par, my skills aren’t. I believe I could fare better in the Geology department as opposed to Chemistry. Anything about the Earth fascinates me, so I went to Geology against my father’s wishes. People would say go for the course I’d like and if I were to base my decision solely on that statement, I’d surely pick UP-Diliman.

But selecting a university isn’t as simple as black and white— for some, maybe it is. There are different kinds of growth I want to experience and if I go to UP-Diliman, it’d be a replay of high school. I don’t think I’l achieve as much growth there as compared to Ateneo. Ateneo, while a private institution, has its own ways of creating growth within a person. My cousin passed both the ACET & UPCAT last year and chose Ateneo in the end. People call it a waste of talent, but I believe she had her reasons for it all.

In Ateneo, students are encouraged to join organizations. That’s what I like about Ateneo— it keeps you involved. It doesn’t drown you in requirements and studies, but opts for a balance— UP doesn’t have that in my opinion. I could be wrong, but that’s how I see it. Each school has its faults when it comes to applying for jobs in the future, but the problem of Ateneo is relatively easy to fix as long as the concept of humility is retained.

Also, holistic growth is something Ateneo has that UP doesn’t. Ateneo requires that students have the subjects Theology & Sociology. Those two subjects encourage the analyzation of the human psyche in reference to what humans are actually and how they think— in a Godly perspective. I don’t think UP-Diliman has that and well, I need that subject push in my life. If I were to make my schedule, I’d probably put off placing any of those two as an elective or general education. However, Ateneo shoves in down my throat and by forcing me to learn something, I appreciate it in the end one way or another.

Finally, Ateneo has better facilities as compared to UP-Diliman. Their machines are up-to-date and the Chemistry experiments are done individually. I practically got sold by the idea of individual experiments because it teaches one to stand on his/her own.

From the sound of it, people would assume that I’d go for Ateneo. However, factoring friends and a certain pesky dad in the equation creates a mess— because these people want me in UP. So now I’m stuck figuring out where to go. That is the difficulty of passing both schools I applied for in the Philippines. The only way to break such a problem is passing in a school abroad.

“When that happens, I exactly know where to go.”


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