Naruto ch.570

Now things are getting exciting with the latest Naruto chapter. Of course, a lot of people have been wondering why I still follow such an overrated & shounen-overload series. My answer to them— “Because I do.” Naruto is a wonderful series if it was followed manga-wise. I suggest throwing off following blasted Shippuden and just stick to the basics— the manga. The recent chapters have been lagging because the fight between Madara/Tobi/unknown orange dude against Naruto & Killer Bee hasn’t been resolved. From the looks of it, such a development shouldn’t be quick because it’s a face-off and well… face-offs are meant to be long.

However, the Naruto series doesn’t make it long because of the actual fight, but through the dialogue that occurs in each chapter. What I love about chapter 570 is how it shows the development of all the dialogue that occurred during the fight. The appearance of Songoku, the 4-tailed beast, paved the way of understanding for Naruto. All tailed beasts have a name and when Naruto found out that the nine-tails’ name was Kurama, Naruto sensed a deeper bond with the tailed beats inside of him.

The formation of the bond between Naruto and Kurama is a rocky one. Kurama is unsatisfied with Naruto, but slowly comes in terms with not only Naruto’s skills, but also Naruto’s way of life— Naruto’s mindset. Kurama knows how humans are— who wouldn’t after being transferred from one jinchuuriki to another. If I were in Kurama’s position, I would’ve noticed the same thing in humans. Humans are either afraid of raw power or so ignorant of the power, that they find ownership of the power as merely a game. However, Naruto is different and it takes more than 500 chapters for Kurama to realize that (quite a long time if you ask me). Unlike the other jinchuurikis, Naruto took all the negativity thrown at him and turned it into something positive (or stubborn). Maybe Kurama found the change in his jinchuuriki’s personality new— that’s why he couldn’t acknowledge Naruto.

But like all shounen protagonist, Naruto is stubborn and has the ‘never give up’ mindset. That’s why even when Kurama throws as much hatred and pain towards Naruto, Naruto simply takes it all in and turns it into something. That’s the magic Naruto has and maybe that’s why, by this chapter, Kurama has begun to accept Naruto. The fact that Kurama was willing to share his power with Naruto without death as a price showed how much their bond grew. Maybe finding out the real name of the nine-tails pulled all the loose ends together, but the cliffhanger chapter 570 puts us in is worth it all. I honestly want to see what mayhem Naruto & Kurama can pull off together. Finally, the jinchuuriki and the beast have finally made amends.


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