PSHSS-MMLDC National Science Fair

Crazy As Ever

In my last stay in Philippine Science High School, I wondered whether I should do my best for STR. Honestly, I’d work well in it for the grade, but I never dreamt of being swift off to a science fair during my stay. The terror Ma’am Yazon had left on me was enough to break down my dreams of basically going anywhere. She had incredibly high standards and was always never content with any submission or proposal. However, maybe I’m such a sadist that I wanted to reach her standards and while my grades in STR never went up, she did leave valuable lessons. She also left my STR group with a chance to go to the PSHSS-MMLDC NSF 2012.

At first, I didn’t know whether to dread or praise such an achievement. However, as the extra requirements flowed in, I realized that the achievement was definitely real and that there was extra work needed for it. We took it one step at a time and we managed to find ourselves a 4-day stay at MMLDC, Antipolo, Rizal. The stress and extra work was definitely worth it.

Because if I never strived to do well, I wouldn’t have met such wonderful people. I wouldn’t have gained new experiences and insights. PSHSS-MMLDC National Science Fair was like an eye-opener to me about the state of the different campuses. It showed me that we were all under one system and that no campus is superior to another. Not only that, but it showed me that the lives of Pisay students are the same in just about any campus. STR is difficult in just about any part of the PSHS System, but that’s how ingenious researches are formed. I simply saw the PSHS-MMLDC National Science Fair as a way to improve my group’s research, but it has grown to a tremendous experience— one I will never forget.

Behind the great food and accommodations, the friendships that were formed were the best part of it all. Instead of being a ground for improving research (well, it did help), it became a place to meet people— to make friendships— to make bonds. Maybe I was one of the daring PSHS-Main people to break off from staying with my own campus and eating with other people (thank you BRC people for accepting my presence :D) and it was worth it.

I could list down the various things I learned for the duration of the PSHSS-MMLDC National Science Fair, but that’d be for another day— I’ll need that material for an Economics casework, which I’ll post once I’m done with the casework.

All in all, the PSHSS-MMLDC National Science Fair was a great experience that allows PSHS students to have social growth. This is one event I’d tell the lower years to strive for because it’s an event that can change someone’s perspective of the PSHS System  and other PSHS campuses greatly.

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