“Smart Yet Idiot”

I’m no writing genius, but I surely write whatever is on my mind— usually stories of how I wish life could be. I’m no writing genius, but I can certainly catch a certain person’s attention with my stories. Therefore, here are the steps to make Darren Judi happy on his 16th birthday.

Step 1— Write Him a Story.

However, I have zero writing juices of anything that’d make him smile or mushy. I have the gears working for DDD-6, but the shipping portion of it is on vacation— or at least what he wants me to ship. Therefore, I shall proceed to step 2.

Step 2— Write A Post For Him.

Wait, aren’t I doing that right now? Heck yeah! So now we can proceed to step 3.

Step 3— Find a decent picture of him on Facebook.

Of course, any post dedicated to a person must include a wonderful picture. After scavenging Darren’s Facebook account for the most awesome picture to use, I have indeed found one that’s going to blow his mind away— and maybe other things too. What is it? Hit the break to find out.

Yes, such a guy has a beautiful girlfriend who he cares about to bits, but that’s what makes him a great person. I’m 100% sure that he’s rather mushy right now from just seeing the picture of his girl— with him of course— and I’m probably going to receive some light punches tomorrow, but as if that matters now. The for-fun punches would be worth it anyway.

So where was I— ah yes, Darren Judi. Honestly, I have no actual idea how we met nor how we got close. It still remains a mystery to me, but I believe our friendship started developing around the last quarter of third year— probably through a string of random events. All I’m certain of is that my life has been turned upside down because of this guy.

He’s an epitome of a computer science geek who loves using references from any cartoon  or science fiction series that’s popular (like Pokemon & Star Wars). He’s knowledgeable about a variety of things— even certain areas I don’t dare bring up. However, this knowledge is balanced out by the fact that he’s tactless and jejune. He’s the type to think of situations in a short timeframe— unless when connected to his girlfriend. He’s an interesting friend with a lot of quirks that make me calculated life crazy— simply ’cause I’m not used to such an atmosphere. He’s the complement to my dry and weighty life.

But how he treats his girlfriend is how he treats his girl friends— albeit a lower degree for the latter. Take note, there is a space between the second set of the words girl and friend. Darren Judi is a gentleman who knows how to treat the girls around him properly— albeit in his rather immature manner. After being close to him for more than a year, I’ve learnt that’s there’s more to him than coding and his girlfriend. He’s, what I believe, to be a genuine friend— a friend that’s going to be there even when seas or oceans separate you. He’s committed to his friends that losing one devastates him— becoming friends with him is worth it (even when I call him an idiot).

So Darren Judi, thanks for the awesome friendship and I hope it lasts until we get mad at each other that we un-friend each other. I had to knock on wood to delete the chances of that actually occurring. I call you an idiot because you’re hopelessly in love and that you let love blind you, but honestly, you remind me of how I was in 2nd to 3rd year— devoted to your love. Once again, Happy Birthday Darren.


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