Anime Challenge 01

Anime Challenge.
(I’ll add photos another time.)

Pick 5 of your favorite anime series (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them:

  1. Kuroshitsuji
  2. [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
  3. Un-Go
  4. Mawaru Penguindrum
  5. Ghost in the Shell

Who is your favorite character in #2?
Msyu. She’s such a fiery character with lots of spunk and attitude. Plus, she makes the color red look insanely pretty.

Who is your least favorite character in #1?
I’d have an easier time if I included Kuroshitsuji 2 ’cause I’d say Claude, but no… I picked season 1, which is tough because I love all the characters in the first season. With that, I don’t have a least favorite character. Everyone in Kuroshitsuji is lovable~*

What’s your favorite episode of #4?
I have a lot, but I would say the last episode because it was really touching, especially the Ringo & Shouma exchange. While Mawaru Penguindrum was metaphors overload, I love the lessons about love, fate & family that they showcase at its shallower portions. The last episode of Mawaru Penguindrum was filled with so much conspiracies and ‘wtf’ moments, but it managed to tie up the series well in the end.

What is your favorite season of #5?
Honestly… the Stand Alone Complex one. I didn’t appreciate the Laughing Man one that much. o.o

What’s your favorite relationship in #3?
Kazamori x Shijuro even though I’m aware that Kazamori is a RAI. Kazamori acting like a girl is so believable from the simple casual clothes to the seductive dresses. Oh! You can also include Rie x Sinjuro even though their age gap is rather big. I sense the bond growing between them and it’s so wonderful.

Who is your anti-relationship in #2?
There’s not much characters you can ship in [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, but I’m certain that anyone shipped with Masakaki is horrible.

How long have you watched #1?
I watched Kuroshitsuji the first time it aired. Yes, I watched it from start to finish wherein it showed one episode per week. I feel so effin’ proud.

How did you become interested in #3?
I watched Un-Go because it was a mystery series and between it and Guilty Crown, I didn’t lose interest in Un-Go. Un-Go managed to keep me entertained in each episode especially when there was the whole alternate reality issue, which made me go ‘wtf’. Also, the underlying idea about country censorship is just incredibly portrayed.

Who is your favorite actor in #4?
Whoever voiced Oginome Ringo is awesome. OMG. I can’t forget the voice whenever she say destiny~* You can include Himari’s seiyuu because the whole Seizon Senryaku is also quite addictive to hear.

Which show do you prefer out of #1, 2 & 5?
If I were asked this question in first year, I would’ve said #1, but I’ve fallen in love with #2, so I’ll have to pick #2. Yes, I’m aware that the plot arrangement of #1 is better overall as opposed to that of #2, but #2 has this entertainment factor that kept me looking forward to each new episode.

Which show have you seen more episodes of, #1 or 3?
Number 1 has more episodes than #3; also, I’ve rewatched #1 a lot of times, so it wins in the whole, which have you watched more.

If you could be any character from #4 who would you be?
Oginome Momoka because the power she wields is simply unbelievable. While it is unbelievable, she knows how to use such a power well— making sure it’s for the common good. She’s such a selfless character who was willing to give up her life to simply to save more people— one life is small in comparison of millions.

How would you kill off your favorite character in #2?
I don’t want to kill Msyu. I’d rather she die through Kimimaro’s bankruptcy— at least she died fighting.

Give a random quote from #1
“But rules have no meaning in this world.” – Ciel Phantomhive
“I made a decision that I would become a wife capable of protecting Ciel.” – Elizabeth Midford

Would a #3/4 crossover work?

Both series have quirks and maybe the quirks both series have can be molded together. I would imagine that the hunt for the Penguindrum would involve mystery solving and the eating of souls. It would probably be an insane psychological series, but if the director of Mawaru Penguindrum were to lead it— I’d probably be laughing my ass off or going ‘wtf’ a lot.

Overall, which show has a better cast, #3 or 5?
I prefer the cast of #5. Both series can pass off as being quite intellectual because of character personalities and lines, but Ghost in the Shell has more depth. I’d watch Ghost in the Shell over Un-Go any day. Plus, I find the Tachikomas more cute than Kazamori even though the Tachikomas are rather bulky. Also— Major. Period.

Which has better music, #2 or 4?
It’s like I’m being asked to pick between the insert song & bgm renditions of Triple H and the [C] OST. I’d probably pick [C] in the end because I prefer the artists of [C]’s opening and ending songs as opposed to Mawaru Penguindrum’s.


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