A Link on Qualitative Analysis

Shut Up. I know this isn't an inorganic compound.

While trying to answer the laboratory report for Chemistry, I stumbled upon this wonderful site that compiles the possible tests to figure out chemicals. It’s known as Doc Brown’s Chemistry Qualitative Methods of Analysis Revision Notes and maybe, just maybe, it’ll help me understand what I’m doing during Chemistry class. I’ve taken a fascination on how the determination process goes even though it’s going to determine whether I fail Chemistry or not. Honestly, I’m intimidated about the prospect of cramming numerous experiments just to determine my two compounds. It scares me shitless.

A fair warning to those who plan to look at this, the site is rather colorblind and confused in its identity. Also, this isn’t a site for those who can’t comprehend a single thing in Chemistry— one will need some basic Chemistry knowledge to make use of this.


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