A Manga Guide to Calculus

This is a semi-filler post. I’m still working on the sixth chapter of the Diary of the Dreamers and the Dreamless, but with the lack of time to waste just writing it, I’ve been unable to push forward with it. It’s sad though because I thought I’d have a chapter up by February, but it looks like it won’t happen. Anyway, I’m here to share a find of mine in National Bookstore (which goes opposite of what I was supposed to buy).

Tadaa! Here we have the Manga Guide to Calculus. I found it interesting because it’s not often you stumble upon a manga that teaches you Math. Not only that, it’s Calculus and I desperately need to get my Math grades up. I guess I’m not learning as effectively during Math period, so I hope this will save me from time to time. Anyway, it’s a story about Noriko, an aspiring journalist, who is assigned to a branch office in Sando-cho. Her boss is a Math-loving freak and explains Calculus in terms of their applications. It’s a fun read as I’ve been skimming through it from time-to-time. Sadly, it doesn’t use the read it from right to left method. Oh well…..


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