Incomplete Combustion

That one Monday night, I decided to watch a few episodes of Kamisama Dolls— a few, which meant 3-4 episodes for me. Never knew how it escalated to me finishing the series in one sitting, but that’s what happened exactly. I basically wasted precious time to study for the English long test on anybody’s eyes, but to me I guess it was worth it. (Then again, you may call my bantering as escapism from the truth.) Kamisama Dolls was a rather interesting series as it tries to take a different view about traditions and responsibilities.

Moreover, I found the opening insanely catchy because it sounds like a Spanish song because of its beat. I don’t know with you, but it sounds like salsa music at the start. Here’s the opening version because I found the video of the opening very colorful— and it does wrap up what happens in the series quite well. There’s also a long version, courtesy of soundcloud.

A/N – I haven’t started attempting to finish DDD-6, a goal of mine today, so you might have to wait for it.


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