Heartbreaker – Sergeant Angie Johnson

Sergeant Angie Johnson is one of the contestant of The Voice 2. There are videos of her on youtube showcasing her wonderful voice range whenever she sung at the army base. She has a truly magnificent voice in my opinion because it shows a big range. Not only that, but she has stage presence. I love her audition cover, Heartbreaker, and it’s sad that only Cee-Lo noticed the talent of her voice. I have high hopes for her in the competition.

However, she was eliminated during the battle round against Cheesa when they both sung Total Eclipse of the Heart. Now, Angie was able to hit all the notes in my opinion, but I feel like that she didn’t give it her all— which is probably what Cee-Lo saw. In the said song, Angie had the work cut out for her, unlike Cheesa’s case. However, Cheesa worked on improving the skills she was capable of and placed it on full throttle— Angie didn’t. So I guess I understand why Cee-Lo picked Cheesa, but I really wished Angie had stayed.


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