Assuming the Right

You know the awesome feeling you get when what you assume is actually right— it feels amazing. It’s like it gives you a sense of achievement that you were able to feel something properly. Assuming does make an ass of you and me, if and only if you get it wrong— getting it right is a whole new level. However, if the assumption is that someone in backstabbing you, then should it be a cause of worry?

It’s funny how I actually felt the backstabbing vibe of others. It’s probably due to my grade school experience— now I’m aware of how a backstabbing vibe feels like. Sadly, backstabbing vibes can be thought as something else like ignorance or anger vibes. However, if someone you know tells you up front that someone else is backstabbing you, then you can drop the assumptions and take it in as a fact.

I don’t know what is better feeling hostility before acceptance or acceptance before hostility. Interestingly enough, I don’t mind either because hostility is only dangerous if you have no allies in such a war. I could see the sign of backstabbing as having enemies— I have no clue what I’m being backstabbed about, but I’m certain a reason must exist or the people who are doing the backstabbing are so petty.

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

-Winston Churchill

I admit that I have a strong personality— so strong that it intimidates people. It’s a personality that never backs down and is stubborn beyond comprehension. It doesn’t hesitate to get in a fight or to speak out against a general idea. I’m certain people are afraid of it from time to time, but at the same time, they accept it. Why? It makes me who I am and amidst such a strong presence, I still know how to understand and care— or at least, I think so. I’m certain that people are backstabbing me, but I could care less. They could continue wasting their time doing such petty things because they have nothing to do in their lives. Me? I’ll ignore such threats and continue on— I’m too stubborn and prideful to admit defeat and at times, that’s all I need to get through. I know myself well enough to not stoop to such a level.


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