Pisay Graduation Challenge

What is the Pisay Graduation Challenge?

It’s simply a countdown quiz for the graduating seniors of Philippine Science High School. It was created by Jelor Gallego of PSHS-Main Campus. Originally, it runs for 16 days and ends exactly on graduation. However, I’ll be adding some categories to it so that it reaches until PSHS-Main’s graduation ball.

What is talked about?

Each day, there’ll be a specific topic that’ll be talked about, which will slowly lead to the day of graduation & graduation ball. Here is the edited version below (along with the preferred start dates).

(03.15) 1-1st year section
(03.16) 2-2nd year section
(03.17) 3-3rd year section
(03.18) 4-4th year section
(03.19) 5-friends
(03.20) 6-Imba teacher
(03.21) 7-imba adviser
(03.22) 8-favorite science subject
(03.23) 9-favorite section
(03.24) 10-prom
(03.25) 11-University entrance exam & career choices
(03.26) 12-kalokohan in pisay
(03.27) 13-memories in general
(03.28) 14-Entering Pisay
(03.29) 15-graduation
(03.30) 16-upcoming university life
(03.31) 17-grad ball


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