Assuming the Right

You know the awesome feeling you get when what you assume is actually right— it feels amazing. It’s like it gives you a sense of achievement that you were able to feel something properly. Assuming does make an ass of you and me, if and only if you get it wrong— getting it right is a whole new level. However, if the assumption is that someone in backstabbing you, then should it be a cause of worry?

It’s funny how I actually felt the backstabbing vibe of others. It’s probably due to my grade school experience— now I’m aware of how a backstabbing vibe feels like. Sadly, backstabbing vibes can be thought as something else like ignorance or anger vibes. However, if someone you know tells you up front that someone else is backstabbing you, then you can drop the assumptions and take it in as a fact.

I don’t know what is better feeling hostility before acceptance or acceptance before hostility. Interestingly enough, I don’t mind either because hostility is only dangerous if you have no allies in such a war. I could see the sign of backstabbing as having enemies— I have no clue what I’m being backstabbed about, but I’m certain a reason must exist or the people who are doing the backstabbing are so petty.

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

-Winston Churchill

I admit that I have a strong personality— so strong that it intimidates people. It’s a personality that never backs down and is stubborn beyond comprehension. It doesn’t hesitate to get in a fight or to speak out against a general idea. I’m certain people are afraid of it from time to time, but at the same time, they accept it. Why? It makes me who I am and amidst such a strong presence, I still know how to understand and care— or at least, I think so. I’m certain that people are backstabbing me, but I could care less. They could continue wasting their time doing such petty things because they have nothing to do in their lives. Me? I’ll ignore such threats and continue on— I’m too stubborn and prideful to admit defeat and at times, that’s all I need to get through. I know myself well enough to not stoop to such a level.


Midnight Secretary

Midnight Secretary is a manga written and drawn by Ohmi Tomu. It was released in the year 2007 and has been classified in the following genres: josei, romance, smut, and supernatural.

Kaya thought she had found the perfect job when she became the private secretary of Kyouhei Touma – the director of a tableware company of the same name. Kyouhei is a capable director, but his arrogance and sluttish behavior are almost legendary. Kaya is doing her best to prove that she is capable in her work, but one night, by accident, she discovers his secret… of him being a vampire!

taken from Mangafox

Right from the beginning, it has been implied that the two characters would end up together. How? Simply by the fact that the synopsis of the manga only states their names. Next, one of the genres is romance, which further strengthens my initial impression. Moreover, this manga has a vampire character and vampires, in a general sense, are characterized to be manipulative and at times, push the plot forward (or romance). The manga screamed cliche to me, but not cliche enough that i’d stray away from it.

Midnight Secretary has art that puts importance on simplicity. The smut scenes are meant to be quick and vague, which is probably used to enhance the reader’s imagination. Moreover, it constantly reminds us about the darkness vampires holds. It doesn’t fail to go all out black whenever possible— especially when highlighting scenes involving Kyohei Touma. I’m a first-timer when it comes to talking about manga art, but I feel like it’s okay. Not too detailed and not too sketchy.

Plot-wise— it wasn’t as cliche as I thought it’d be. The josei vibe was blatant because it does show realistic romance to a certain degree. It only becomes unrealistic because of the supernatural markers— the existence of vampires. I like how the relationship between Kaya & Kyohei develops— the mangaka took her time in developing the bond. It’s not the simple “I have a crush on this person; therefore I must pursue him.” It’s not like that because it shows the struggle in admitting one’s feelings for the other and it happens for both sides. For a manga with 35 chapters, it really showed the difficulties and tensions with loving a vampire. Moreover, it leaves its readers with a huge cliffhanger, which I feel will never be continues. It allows the readers to think of possible scenarios of how they want to continue the story.

Grade: 1.75


FINE is an English 4 requirement for the 4th quarter of school year 2011-2012. It is a free verse poem that is 15 lines long. The topic is anything under the sun; thus, the situation is hypothetical and left to the interpretation of the reader.

Fleeting, Transforming— Uncertainty prevail
Loss, Confusion— Certainty presents
Loneliness or love— synonymous or antonymous

FINE— Waiting involves patience
I stand at a fork waiting for a sign
A sign to signify what to act upon

A glimmer of hope shines upon the left
I take a step towards the light— wait—
FINE— the darkness is intimidating

I return to my first spot, confused as ever
Both are seemingly FINE
Missing the bigger picture, I step way back

I’ve assured myself everything is FINE
I’m FINE staying at this fork
Freaked Out, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional

Heartbreaker – Sergeant Angie Johnson

Sergeant Angie Johnson is one of the contestant of The Voice 2. There are videos of her on youtube showcasing her wonderful voice range whenever she sung at the army base. She has a truly magnificent voice in my opinion because it shows a big range. Not only that, but she has stage presence. I love her audition cover, Heartbreaker, and it’s sad that only Cee-Lo noticed the talent of her voice. I have high hopes for her in the competition.

However, she was eliminated during the battle round against Cheesa when they both sung Total Eclipse of the Heart. Now, Angie was able to hit all the notes in my opinion, but I feel like that she didn’t give it her all— which is probably what Cee-Lo saw. In the said song, Angie had the work cut out for her, unlike Cheesa’s case. However, Cheesa worked on improving the skills she was capable of and placed it on full throttle— Angie didn’t. So I guess I understand why Cee-Lo picked Cheesa, but I really wished Angie had stayed.

DDD-6: Escapism

Story Title: Diary of the Dreamers and Dreamless
Chapter Title:  Escapism
Chapter 6 Quick Peek: She caught it with some ease and in her hand was a tricket— a sapphire gem wrapped with spiraled metal.
Disclaimer: Warning— this chapter is about 10.5k words long. Read in one sitting at your own risk. I’ve put off this chapter for too long, so I told myself I’d finish it on February 29 or March 1 to commemorate either the last day of February or the first day of March. I’m planning to end this story soon, but I’m unsure by what chapter. All I’m sure of is that it won’t go past 15 chapters. Other than that, this layout doesn’t support horizontal rule, so the perspective/time shift is distinguished by a not normal-sized space.
Status: Un-beta’d.

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Kamisama Dolls

After finding a site to torrent anime series (that are complete), I decided to download Kamisama Dolls because of the influence of a certain Population GO writer. Honestly, I never had any plans to watch Kamisama Dolls because it looked like some girl-centric anime involving mecha. The name is quite misleading and so was the first picture I ever saw of it— which basically showed some robot and girls. I decided to continue downloading it so that I have a series to watch when exams were over. However, that wasn’t the case because life decides to whack the idea of marathoning the series is a good idea as opposed to reviewing for an English long test.

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Incomplete Combustion

That one Monday night, I decided to watch a few episodes of Kamisama Dolls— a few, which meant 3-4 episodes for me. Never knew how it escalated to me finishing the series in one sitting, but that’s what happened exactly. I basically wasted precious time to study for the English long test on anybody’s eyes, but to me I guess it was worth it. (Then again, you may call my bantering as escapism from the truth.) Kamisama Dolls was a rather interesting series as it tries to take a different view about traditions and responsibilities.

Moreover, I found the opening insanely catchy because it sounds like a Spanish song because of its beat. I don’t know with you, but it sounds like salsa music at the start. Here’s the opening version because I found the video of the opening very colorful— and it does wrap up what happens in the series quite well. There’s also a long version, courtesy of soundcloud.

A/N – I haven’t started attempting to finish DDD-6, a goal of mine today, so you might have to wait for it.