PGC Day 4 – Electron

I’ve been holding off writing this post. I was aware that I’ll have to write it in four days, but now that it’s the actual day, I don’t want to write it anymore. My experience with Electron is rather dark and bleak as compared to any other section I had in my four year stay in Pisay. They say what goes up must come down— translated as— if you were in euphoria last year, expect the worst the next. Basically… I have nothing positive to say as of the moment.


(PS. I don’t even want to categorize this as section love, but… ugh. nvm. T_T


PGC Day 3 – Sodium / Na

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Using fun as a happiness pill since the start of the school year 2010-2011.

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, I spent my moratorium with a few of the people from this section. We had an initial count of 14, but that dwindled down to 9, which was sad. Nevertheless, I had fun with these people— like I’ve always have since 3rd year.

Drop solid Sodium in water and you’ll get an explosion— no matter how small. When my first 3rd year adviser showed such a simple reaction to us, we were amused, but let down in the end. He had told us that it made a grand explosion during Strontium’s class and we found out from Rubidium that it also worked for them. Now that I think about it, maybe it didn’t explode or blow up because even without the solid element, Sodium, my section, was explosive enough as it is. It’s a section filled with so much energy— energy that never goes to waste. Everyone has a smile on their face amidst the stress that graded group requirements deal to us.

Sodium is basically happy-go-lucky & lazy and it’s a stark contrast to the responsible Dahlia & the quickly worried Sapphire. The difference was tremendous that I allowed myself to be sucked into such a new world. I’m thankful that I allowed myself to do that because it allowed me to see a world of fun and laughter— a world I never felt at home with. In Sodium, no matter how hard one tries to pull away from the section, he/she end up being pulled back because in Sodium, everyone has a place. That’s what I actually love about Sodium the most— everyone has a place there. Those who’ve been casted out by our batch as weird and different— when they ended up in Sodium, they were given a home— a place of acceptance.

What I’m trying to say is that happiness draws people together. It’s also the same happiness that helps us understand each other’s situations and mindsets. In Sodium, the atmosphere is filled with love and understanding. I felt at home in Sodium— not discriminated nor ignored. I love Sodium for those two main reasons— the people there, as a whole, had the greatest character among the sections I’ve been in.

Four Chemistry teachers, Three advisers, Two treasurers, One Family.

This is Sodium, my one and only 3rd year High School section— happy-go-lucky, understanding and seductive.

PGC Day 2 – Dahlia

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Photos Courtesy of Sir Darrell Sicam

The best conversation to summarize my first impression of Dahlia and the summation of the first quarter experiences:

<from my multiply comments..>
Thea: *in post*Second year is stressful and there are too many smart people in Dahlia.
Leona: *agrees*
Jia: Why are the smart people the ones complaining about too many smart people?
Ethel: XD but I agree that there are too many smart people in Dahlia.

Dahlia is basically daring in terms of the activities we do during free periods— usually involving gyros and Dahlia board game playing. Dahlia is one amusing section because of the antics that occur each day. Dahlia is basically a fun-loving section— even more than Sapphire. Honestly, Dahlia has more funny moments than Sapphire because most funny moments in Sapphire revolve around a single person. In Dahlia, any laugh moment can happen to anyone— whether it’s the usual or the not-so common. It’s a section filled with laughs each day amidst the stack of requirements that 14 worth of units give. Having Dahlia as a second year section was a fun ride.

Dahlia was a very responsible section— responsible because everyone demanded to be a part of ay requirement. It’s not the competitive type of demanding, but rather, Dahlia was a fair section with a belief that each person needs a portion to work on in just about any requirement. People from Dahlia have a certain level of maturity and manners that no other section of mine in Pisay can compare to. I guess it could come from the words of wisdom our adviser imparts to us. Our adviser, Sir Darrell Sicam, only taught in Pisay for one year and Dahlia was lucky to have him as an adviser. He is the connecting factor of Dahlia (along with Leona’s birthday surprises).

My feelings for Dahlia have been rather mixed over the four years, but one thing is for sure, we always have a Dahlia outing or event every semester. It’s usually to commemorate Sir Da visiting us or making time for him. I thought Dahlia was so diverse that we couldn’t connect, but over the two years I wasn’t with them, I’ve come to realize that our connection comes in a different perspective— one I still cannot describe. However, I believe that my outlook & mindset towards Dahlia has turned from conflicted to positive.

Pisay Graduation Challenge (PGC) Day 1 – Sapphire

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Photos courtesy of Sir Darrell Sicam & Jaypee Dacanay

The nerves are hitting me as I write this post. An exam tomorrow will determine whether or not I’m meant to be a scholar once again. Yet amidst the jitters and nerves, I feel compelled to write this post— a post dedicated to one section I have so many firsts to thank for. Hands down— spending my first year with Sapphire 2012 was worth it. Spending my first year in PSHS (Pisay) with them shattered my initial belief that I wouldn’t make it in Pisay.

I thought that I’d be able to keep Sapphire together until senior year, but that wasn’t the case. One by one, people left our usual hangout spot in search for a different world. I tried to keep them connected to Sapphire, but the struggle was too much to handle. Now in my senior year, I can’t help but feel saddened because Sapphire has broken off. Each of us have created a world of our own wherein limited Sapphire people can enter. We don’t acknowledge each other’s presence anymore— as if we’re a disease to each other. It’s saddening, but I still have hope.

Because, amidst the ignorance, there are still those Sapphire people who’ll send you palancas that call out to you. I received those on my last retreat during my stay in Pisay. While I may not have gotten a palanca from someone I thought would write to me, it’s seeing those Sapphire people who still treasure the connection I once had with them write to me. I rekindled my spirit to get the Sapphire back together for one ditch effort— and maybe all it needed was one impromptu asking or plans.

I spent one whole year with this section. They’ve seen the first & innocent me— the past me— and they can attest to how much I’ve changed since first year. I’ve created the fondest memories with them, which range from the pentagon incident to David humping the blackboard. I’m happy and proud to have come from this section.

Because they’re Simply Sapphire

Pisay Graduation Challenge

What is the Pisay Graduation Challenge?

It’s simply a countdown quiz for the graduating seniors of Philippine Science High School. It was created by Jelor Gallego of PSHS-Main Campus. Originally, it runs for 16 days and ends exactly on graduation. However, I’ll be adding some categories to it so that it reaches until PSHS-Main’s graduation ball.

What is talked about?

Each day, there’ll be a specific topic that’ll be talked about, which will slowly lead to the day of graduation & graduation ball. Here is the edited version below (along with the preferred start dates).

(03.15) 1-1st year section
(03.16) 2-2nd year section
(03.17) 3-3rd year section
(03.18) 4-4th year section
(03.19) 5-friends
(03.20) 6-Imba teacher
(03.21) 7-imba adviser
(03.22) 8-favorite science subject
(03.23) 9-favorite section
(03.24) 10-prom
(03.25) 11-University entrance exam & career choices
(03.26) 12-kalokohan in pisay
(03.27) 13-memories in general
(03.28) 14-Entering Pisay
(03.29) 15-graduation
(03.30) 16-upcoming university life
(03.31) 17-grad ball

Anime Challenge 01

Anime Challenge.
(I’ll add photos another time.)

Pick 5 of your favorite anime series (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them:

  1. Kuroshitsuji
  2. [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
  3. Un-Go
  4. Mawaru Penguindrum
  5. Ghost in the Shell

Who is your favorite character in #2?
Msyu. She’s such a fiery character with lots of spunk and attitude. Plus, she makes the color red look insanely pretty.

Who is your least favorite character in #1?
I’d have an easier time if I included Kuroshitsuji 2 ’cause I’d say Claude, but no… I picked season 1, which is tough because I love all the characters in the first season. With that, I don’t have a least favorite character. Everyone in Kuroshitsuji is lovable~*

What’s your favorite episode of #4?
I have a lot, but I would say the last episode because it was really touching, especially the Ringo & Shouma exchange. While Mawaru Penguindrum was metaphors overload, I love the lessons about love, fate & family that they showcase at its shallower portions. The last episode of Mawaru Penguindrum was filled with so much conspiracies and ‘wtf’ moments, but it managed to tie up the series well in the end.

What is your favorite season of #5?
Honestly… the Stand Alone Complex one. I didn’t appreciate the Laughing Man one that much. o.o

What’s your favorite relationship in #3?
Kazamori x Shijuro even though I’m aware that Kazamori is a RAI. Kazamori acting like a girl is so believable from the simple casual clothes to the seductive dresses. Oh! You can also include Rie x Sinjuro even though their age gap is rather big. I sense the bond growing between them and it’s so wonderful.

Who is your anti-relationship in #2?
There’s not much characters you can ship in [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, but I’m certain that anyone shipped with Masakaki is horrible.

How long have you watched #1?
I watched Kuroshitsuji the first time it aired. Yes, I watched it from start to finish wherein it showed one episode per week. I feel so effin’ proud.

How did you become interested in #3?
I watched Un-Go because it was a mystery series and between it and Guilty Crown, I didn’t lose interest in Un-Go. Un-Go managed to keep me entertained in each episode especially when there was the whole alternate reality issue, which made me go ‘wtf’. Also, the underlying idea about country censorship is just incredibly portrayed.

Who is your favorite actor in #4?
Whoever voiced Oginome Ringo is awesome. OMG. I can’t forget the voice whenever she say destiny~* You can include Himari’s seiyuu because the whole Seizon Senryaku is also quite addictive to hear.

Which show do you prefer out of #1, 2 & 5?
If I were asked this question in first year, I would’ve said #1, but I’ve fallen in love with #2, so I’ll have to pick #2. Yes, I’m aware that the plot arrangement of #1 is better overall as opposed to that of #2, but #2 has this entertainment factor that kept me looking forward to each new episode.

Which show have you seen more episodes of, #1 or 3?
Number 1 has more episodes than #3; also, I’ve rewatched #1 a lot of times, so it wins in the whole, which have you watched more.

If you could be any character from #4 who would you be?
Oginome Momoka because the power she wields is simply unbelievable. While it is unbelievable, she knows how to use such a power well— making sure it’s for the common good. She’s such a selfless character who was willing to give up her life to simply to save more people— one life is small in comparison of millions.

How would you kill off your favorite character in #2?
I don’t want to kill Msyu. I’d rather she die through Kimimaro’s bankruptcy— at least she died fighting.

Give a random quote from #1
“But rules have no meaning in this world.” – Ciel Phantomhive
“I made a decision that I would become a wife capable of protecting Ciel.” – Elizabeth Midford

Would a #3/4 crossover work?

Both series have quirks and maybe the quirks both series have can be molded together. I would imagine that the hunt for the Penguindrum would involve mystery solving and the eating of souls. It would probably be an insane psychological series, but if the director of Mawaru Penguindrum were to lead it— I’d probably be laughing my ass off or going ‘wtf’ a lot.

Overall, which show has a better cast, #3 or 5?
I prefer the cast of #5. Both series can pass off as being quite intellectual because of character personalities and lines, but Ghost in the Shell has more depth. I’d watch Ghost in the Shell over Un-Go any day. Plus, I find the Tachikomas more cute than Kazamori even though the Tachikomas are rather bulky. Also— Major. Period.

Which has better music, #2 or 4?
It’s like I’m being asked to pick between the insert song & bgm renditions of Triple H and the [C] OST. I’d probably pick [C] in the end because I prefer the artists of [C]’s opening and ending songs as opposed to Mawaru Penguindrum’s.