PGC Day 3 – Sodium / Na

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Using fun as a happiness pill since the start of the school year 2010-2011.

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, I spent my moratorium with a few of the people from this section. We had an initial count of 14, but that dwindled down to 9, which was sad. Nevertheless, I had fun with these people— like I’ve always have since 3rd year.

Drop solid Sodium in water and you’ll get an explosion— no matter how small. When my first 3rd year adviser showed such a simple reaction to us, we were amused, but let down in the end. He had told us that it made a grand explosion during Strontium’s class and we found out from Rubidium that it also worked for them. Now that I think about it, maybe it didn’t explode or blow up because even without the solid element, Sodium, my section, was explosive enough as it is. It’s a section filled with so much energy— energy that never goes to waste. Everyone has a smile on their face amidst the stress that graded group requirements deal to us.

Sodium is basically happy-go-lucky & lazy and it’s a stark contrast to the responsible Dahlia & the quickly worried Sapphire. The difference was tremendous that I allowed myself to be sucked into such a new world. I’m thankful that I allowed myself to do that because it allowed me to see a world of fun and laughter— a world I never felt at home with. In Sodium, no matter how hard one tries to pull away from the section, he/she end up being pulled back because in Sodium, everyone has a place. That’s what I actually love about Sodium the most— everyone has a place there. Those who’ve been casted out by our batch as weird and different— when they ended up in Sodium, they were given a home— a place of acceptance.

What I’m trying to say is that happiness draws people together. It’s also the same happiness that helps us understand each other’s situations and mindsets. In Sodium, the atmosphere is filled with love and understanding. I felt at home in Sodium— not discriminated nor ignored. I love Sodium for those two main reasons— the people there, as a whole, had the greatest character among the sections I’ve been in.

Four Chemistry teachers, Three advisers, Two treasurers, One Family.

This is Sodium, my one and only 3rd year High School section— happy-go-lucky, understanding and seductive.


To Sodium with Love

Four Chemistry teachers, Three advisers, Two treasurers, One Family.

This is Sodium, my one and only 3rd year High School section.

If I were to describe my first impression of Sodium in terms of student composition, I thought, “Wow, this is one random section.” It was like after 7 groups consisting of 30 students were created, the last group consisted of leftovers from each 2nd year section and were thrown into one group. This is how I thought of Sodium at the start and frankly I still do, but who would’ve thought a section filled with the most random and low-key people would actually work. It was like, due to being slightly low-key or low-key in 2nd year, we were placed in one section. In my opinion, it was like a blessing to us by the Almighty being because it let lots of us grow…

Because in truth, some of the people of Sodium, I never actually new before. I have a knack for knowing peoples’ names due to eavesdropping on conversations or just through pure listening to a group of friends who are talking about someone I don’t really know. The people in Sodium, most of them I’ve only heard their names once of twice and even some I didn’t even know at all, but that’s probably the reason why I loved Sodium even more. The fact it was a section comprising of low-key people (except for a few) made us appreciate one another’s existence. It made us appreciate the talents that we have and let other people be known.

A school year consists of 4 quarters filled with important weeks like Humanities and YMSAT and those normal days like Wednesdays, which is our stressful day and Thursday, our lax day. What I love about Sodium is that we’re able to get through these days with a smile or at least, in theory. We try to let each other feel better, but at times, this leads us to neglect others, but we’ve always taken note of each other’s weaknesses and strengths.

I remember Humanities week was sort of bothersome for us. Why, with a Filipino DIKUM performance that wasn’t even graded, we ended up being too lax. Too lax to the point everything was unorganized from singing to choreography, but we always kept on saying, “as long as we have fun,” which is what basically happened in the end. We were part of the bottom group in the rankings, but we gave an amusing performance. The laughters of amusement from the audience kept us going with a smile on our faces.

If there was really one memorable event for me that was school requirement related, it’d be Ramayana. I remember that this was another requirement wherein we were seriously lax at the start to the point we kept on pushing the due dates forward. We had one of the “unique” concepts on how to portray the story, Ramayana, in the batch. I’m really thankful that you guys cooperated in this endeavor and that we gave our all in the final presentation. The final presentation- presented on October 21, my birthday. I don’t know whether it is vain of me to think that you guys attempted to do your best because you thought of it as a birthday gift for me. Whether that is the case or not, I’m really thankful because it still ended successfully. Even sir Montemayor thought it was better than he expected. Being lax about things does have its benefits. :))

If there is another thing we should be proud of, it’s having 4 different Chemistry teachers in one school year and surviving their different teaching styles. We all know how different each of our Chemistry teachers are in terms of how they teach. Sir De Ocampo had his simple and amusing lectures and when we shifted to Sir Tan, we had some difficulty in adjusting. Some of us didn’t get a thing, others may have, but we helped each other along that 3rd quarter. At the time that we had gotten used to Sir Tan, BLAM! Sir Paz came into the picture for just one week. As the 4th quarter came around, we were introduced to Sir Mendoza, the Chemistry departments newbie who we could consider as a workaholic, but this was to our advantage. Sir Mendoza knew how to keep the lessons simple and most of us were able to comprehend it, but that’s probably because he had a lesson plan right from the start. He was even labeled a “moe” by a few Sodium people. *coughs*JaninaAdlemi *coughs*

Our family is quite big in truth. Rather than having just one parent, we had three in one school year. Each had their perks, but we love all of them equally. Sodium really has a knack for treasuring their advisers. When we heard Sir De Ocampo had to part with us, we felt sadness, but we made it a habit to contact him once in a while. We were even surprised when he was able to stay longer in the country because he was able to watch our play. Ma’am Dawn also had her share of Sodium’s energy, especially in the 3rd quarter when she became our temporary adviser. Even when she was no longer our adviser, we always kept her up-to-date with the Sodium happenings and events. Finally, we have the very moe Sir Mendoza. It’s sad that we weren’t able to get to know him that much because of all those career talks, but we all knew he was very approachable. I think he was intentionally making our Chemistry periods shorter so that people could talk to him about stuff. 😀

I’m really grateful to have ended up in Sodium for 3rd year. Sodium 2012 is always filled with energy & happiness and that’s what I think helps us keep moving forward as a section. I really hope we don’t lose our bonds when reach 4th year. Sure, we don’t have that really deep connection wherein each one of us know another’s problems, but why worry about problems when you can have fun?

That is Sodium.

Using fun as a happiness pill since the start of the school year.

A Continued Study of “The Leona Files”

What is “The Leona Files?”

The Leona Files is post I made around the middle of the first semester of my second year. At that time, it was posted in my multiply, which is really inactive right now. The Leona Files contains how Leona was at the middle of first semester and how I have observed her. In this includes ways on how to scar her, what she believes in and facts about her life in second year. Believe it or not, she did comment in this post of mine.

So what is this continued study for?

Leona went through some changes during second year and also third year since I am classmates with her once again. These changes were noted and a comparison will be done in this post. The continued study will probably be the last segment of “The Leona Files” due to it just comparing how Leona is before and after.

Where can I read the first version?

It’s on my multiply. Click here. 🙂

It’s been around a year and a half since I did that post. I believe that this is a good time to bring it up and do a comparison due to numerous changes that may happen in a span of a year and a half. You will notice that certain parts will not be added to this post. For those purposes, I really don’t know what Leona thinks of it now due to probably lack of conversing with her or I just forget to bring something like that up in a casual manner.

    1. Remember, Leona may be green, but she is innocent.

At the start of second year, this has been proven to be a fact, but over the time, Leona started getting the idea of how things work. Her innocence was slowly stripped off due to her encounters with Dahlia, Sam Fadrigalan and probably Ima Ocon since they are roommates if I remember correctly. Yet, behind all these occurrences, she has still managed to retain an innocent looking image with the new found information she has. Her mind may not be as clean as it used to be, but one thing is for sure, she rarely shows it out in public… except when Jia is around and certain topics are brought to life.

    1. Do NOT put Jia and Leona in the same room together only.

In Dahlia, the sole reason of Leona being stained is because of Jia Peña, though for Chesie, she thinks it’s Sam rather than Jia. Jia tends to use variety topics in discussions that range from topics that can be used during any group discussion to the absurd. In 2nd year, most of her questions bordered or entered the absurd. Leona, not knowing much about these absurdities, was scarred with the information until it had sinked in to her, which happened in x number of days.

Currently, it is still advisable to not put Jia and Leona in the same room, but they can be put in the same room with not much damage done to either of them. Jia and Leona can actually have decent conversations nowadays with some bordering the idea of insane wherein insane is totally random. These random topics are actually topics that are rarely talked about. For example, shiny spoons was one of their conversational topics.

    1. Leona loves the Drama

Have I ever told you the drama that happens in II-Dahlia every single day? The story is as goes– Leona and Angel were meant to be and were tied together by a red string of fate. Their love was supposed to last forever and never falter, but that was until Sam got into the picture. Sam was looking for companionship and comfort; she found that in Angel. When Sam found out about Angel having a special someone, she didn’t back down from the challenge and still clung on to Angel. This is how the “telenovela” of II-Dahlia goes.

Nowadays, the whole drama is toned down especially in III-Sodium wherein there is no such thing as drama. For in Sodium, you are either the seducer or the seduced and it is normal to have more than one prey or attackers. There is no drama; it is all seduction. So in a way, the drama did tone down. If there is a case wherein Leona would attract drama, it’d be anything that has to deal with Kate because for Leona, Kate is forever hers.

This is the end of the continued study of “The Leona Files”. There has been quite some development in terms of Leona’s personality and traits, but one thing is for sure, she’s still lovable as she is. I’ll probably stop monitoring her now like a test subject since the chances of us being classmates again are highly unlikely.

As it strikes 12mn

JS Prom of Pisay entitled VENEZIA: Solo Per Una Notte
February 5, 2011, 7pm – 12mn
@ Wack-Wack Country Club

JJ, Jeorge, Marlo, Darren, Kenneth, Patrick, Jelor
Quina, Ria Lianne, Thea

Table 18, the table assigned to me to stay at during the program of the prom. Initially, we were 10 until Quina got a date and he wasn’t in our table, so we added a chair “conveniently” to our table, so we became 11. The people in the table I was at are awesome and well, I did choose to stay with them when the table forms were being asked for. The mixture of the table was good and it kept the conversation very lively.

A fact to be brought up is that I wasn’t allowed to go to prom initially, especially during the time I had a boyfriend. Through perseverance and a little luck, I got my parents to agree to let me go. It would’ve been a waste of Patrick’s effort if I didn’t go.

To the left is a picture of me with my date who happens to be one of my best friends. We’re one of the potential soulmates in our batch. In our school, whoever you’ve been classmates with for 4 years straight is considered your soulmate. Well, we’ve been classmates since 1st year, so yeah.

I was asked to prom by him during YMSAT week, but I don’t want to go through the details about how he asked. If you know him, you’re sure that he used a guitar when asking. As for the song, back track on my posts.

He asked me to prom because I always seemed down whenever we got to the subject of prom because I didn’t have a date. He also said he wanted to make my prom memorable because it’s a special event that only happens once. We also promised at the start of the school year to make our 3rd year memorable because there was a high chance that we wouldn’t be classmates anymore in 4th year. He really is a great friend.

The whole prom event was entertaining except for the playlist, which was an epic flop and also the non-existent last dance, which ticked everyone off. It was one fun event and I have a class shot with every section of mine, from 1st year to 3rd year.

Sapphire 2012
I miss them dearly. The photo with more of us is with Rangel, but I haven’t seen her upload it, so I was able to grab this version. 🙂

Dahlia 2012
The special section that was able to have Sir Da as an adviser and have Sam Fadrigalan as their classmate before she left. They too are quite missed especially the antics of Ramon, Red and Bobbi, which in the end involve the whole class in tons of laughter.

Sodium 2012
My section this year. They’ve made my 3rd year really awesome. The mix of students in one section was so random that is actually worked. There weren’t a lot of elite gaz people in the section except for a number countable in one hand. The most seductive section ever. :”>

Now what. Prom is over and everything is back to normal. We’re all back into those school uniforms stressing ourselves out to finish all the requirements we need to finish. Our eye-bags are returning and there’s no make-up that can cover that up. A few still keep that special day called prom with them. Some through their nails, which haven’t undergone nail polish remover; others through the injuries they received because of heels and others it’s in their frontal cerebrum. One thing is for sure, prom was a night to remember right until the moment it struck 12mn.

credits to Lianne Visperas and Sir Da for photos

23 * 3 = 69

Because during the 23rd I was both lazy and busy with family affairs, I couldn’t do a certain post for a certain someone. :))

So you may be wondering who is the seriously huge person in the picture to the left. The person in the picture is Jelor Gallego, a classmate of mine this 3rd year. Like most of my 3rd year classmates, I only got to know him more this year.He’s one of the members of AKSIS and he’s under the arm Aksis Lead. Joan and I are planning to request for him to return to Aksis Speak next year because we feel he is better suited there, so Jelor, heads up. 😉

He’s a very outspoken person. He isn’t afraid to share his beliefs and ideals. He’s one of those people who likes to have small debates and discussions with other people. We, Sodium, know that he shouldn’t be placed in the same group as Mark Manalo in order to avoid another World War. Another thing I’ve noticed about him is that he is interested in politics and is one of the few people who are really up to date in terms of what’s happening in the government. Whenever he is in that mode, I tend to feel inferior. I was never the political type to begin with.

Jelor is notorious for lots of sexual talks and topics. This is the reason why the title of this entry of mine is such. He requested to do this post on the 23rd because of well.. *points to the title* Talking about these things with him tend to get awkward at some point, but sometimes you learn something “informative” from them. Whether the informative thing is gossip or actual lessons, I wonder. I usually tick him off by calling him Jelorism or JGalism, all inspired from a game during Health.

Because I was “busy” on the 19th….

Double dosage of awesome people again!

First off! This is Marlo Olveña also known as the Seducer. :)) Just kidding, but he does like seducing people once in a while. Of course he has learned that some people are just fast learners and voila!, people in Sodium know how to seduce. He’s a really awesome person who tries to make everyone feel better by showing his own misery instead. Sadly, it doesn’t work on me since he’s showing that he’s miserable, which makes me sad in a way. I care for my friends, ok?

Marlo is someone I got to know more this 3rd year. I’ve known him since 2nd year, but that’s because I kept crashing the Sampaguita room from time to time. He’s one of my groupmates in STR and well, as a group, we’re having a hard time in STR. I hope we can get through the last quarter of STR because I’m seriously scared that we won’t. He’s one of the people who I really notice in class like his presence. I don’t know what else to say; he’s someone who I trust I guess. I don’t mind sharing my problems with him. 🙂

It’s hotness. :> Haha. This is Ryan Tuzon, one of my fellow Sapphire classmates and barkada. I didn’t get to know him that much in first year, but around 2nd year, I started to get to know more and he’s one of this awesome people to talk to. We usually share our problems to each other, which is really cool. He knows how to see things from different point of views, which is why when you share problems, he understands what one is sharing in a way.

He’s one of the guitar players of Sapphire, but Sapphire seems to be dominated with guitar players. He likes playing the guitar and has fun learning more stuff to play as time goes by. He’s a music person like most Sapphire people. He’s one of the less mischievous people of the Sapphire gazebo since he isn’t the type to start soda wars. He’s a gentleman in a way and he’s always willing to accompany friends if ever they need to go to the cafeteria or submit something at a certain unit. 😀

The word VAIN.

You see the totally awesome wearing retainers, that is Lianne Visperas. This is one of the few pictures of two of us together. She’s the photographer of our class, so most events that need a camera, we always call her on. She likes taking pictures and lots of them, so in the process, we, Sodium people, turn into vain people who just love the camera and want camera time. The reason why she usually has her camera is because of MM, the Multimedia Elective of our school. She seems to be doing well in the said elective because she’s always dedicated to finishing anything MM-related.

This is my first time being classmates with her. Actually, for almost everyone in Sodium, it’s just this 3rd year I got to know them more. The exceptions would ONLY be Patrick, Gaby and Leona. Though I only got to know her this school year, she’s very approachable and she always wants company. She’s always in a positive mood except during those hellish school weeks when there are lots of things due and that’s when she becomes super stressed that she over-thinks things. Yet, even with this part of her personality, she’s really lovable because she always tries to lend a helping hand. I could say she’s one of the people who have gained my trust this year, which is kind of tough to do since I just don’t tell things that are personal to just anyone.

Hey Lianne, I know you read my blog at times. I’m seriously sorry that it’s short, but like I said, I only got to know more this year. I hope there’s a lot more awesome experiences with you, and Sodium of course, to come. 😉