Pisay Graduation Challenge (PGC) Day 1 – Sapphire

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Photos courtesy of Sir Darrell Sicam & Jaypee Dacanay

The nerves are hitting me as I write this post. An exam tomorrow will determine whether or not I’m meant to be a scholar once again. Yet amidst the jitters and nerves, I feel compelled to write this post— a post dedicated to one section I have so many firsts to thank for. Hands down— spending my first year with Sapphire 2012 was worth it. Spending my first year in PSHS (Pisay) with them shattered my initial belief that I wouldn’t make it in Pisay.

I thought that I’d be able to keep Sapphire together until senior year, but that wasn’t the case. One by one, people left our usual hangout spot in search for a different world. I tried to keep them connected to Sapphire, but the struggle was too much to handle. Now in my senior year, I can’t help but feel saddened because Sapphire has broken off. Each of us have created a world of our own wherein limited Sapphire people can enter. We don’t acknowledge each other’s presence anymore— as if we’re a disease to each other. It’s saddening, but I still have hope.

Because, amidst the ignorance, there are still those Sapphire people who’ll send you palancas that call out to you. I received those on my last retreat during my stay in Pisay. While I may not have gotten a palanca from someone I thought would write to me, it’s seeing those Sapphire people who still treasure the connection I once had with them write to me. I rekindled my spirit to get the Sapphire back together for one ditch effort— and maybe all it needed was one impromptu asking or plans.

I spent one whole year with this section. They’ve seen the first & innocent me— the past me— and they can attest to how much I’ve changed since first year. I’ve created the fondest memories with them, which range from the pentagon incident to David humping the blackboard. I’m happy and proud to have come from this section.

Because they’re Simply Sapphire


As it strikes 12mn

JS Prom of Pisay entitled VENEZIA: Solo Per Una Notte
February 5, 2011, 7pm – 12mn
@ Wack-Wack Country Club

JJ, Jeorge, Marlo, Darren, Kenneth, Patrick, Jelor
Quina, Ria Lianne, Thea

Table 18, the table assigned to me to stay at during the program of the prom. Initially, we were 10 until Quina got a date and he wasn’t in our table, so we added a chair “conveniently” to our table, so we became 11. The people in the table I was at are awesome and well, I did choose to stay with them when the table forms were being asked for. The mixture of the table was good and it kept the conversation very lively.

A fact to be brought up is that I wasn’t allowed to go to prom initially, especially during the time I had a boyfriend. Through perseverance and a little luck, I got my parents to agree to let me go. It would’ve been a waste of Patrick’s effort if I didn’t go.

To the left is a picture of me with my date who happens to be one of my best friends. We’re one of the potential soulmates in our batch. In our school, whoever you’ve been classmates with for 4 years straight is considered your soulmate. Well, we’ve been classmates since 1st year, so yeah.

I was asked to prom by him during YMSAT week, but I don’t want to go through the details about how he asked. If you know him, you’re sure that he used a guitar when asking. As for the song, back track on my posts.

He asked me to prom because I always seemed down whenever we got to the subject of prom because I didn’t have a date. He also said he wanted to make my prom memorable because it’s a special event that only happens once. We also promised at the start of the school year to make our 3rd year memorable because there was a high chance that we wouldn’t be classmates anymore in 4th year. He really is a great friend.

The whole prom event was entertaining except for the playlist, which was an epic flop and also the non-existent last dance, which ticked everyone off. It was one fun event and I have a class shot with every section of mine, from 1st year to 3rd year.

Sapphire 2012
I miss them dearly. The photo with more of us is with Rangel, but I haven’t seen her upload it, so I was able to grab this version. 🙂

Dahlia 2012
The special section that was able to have Sir Da as an adviser and have Sam Fadrigalan as their classmate before she left. They too are quite missed especially the antics of Ramon, Red and Bobbi, which in the end involve the whole class in tons of laughter.

Sodium 2012
My section this year. They’ve made my 3rd year really awesome. The mix of students in one section was so random that is actually worked. There weren’t a lot of elite gaz people in the section except for a number countable in one hand. The most seductive section ever. :”>

Now what. Prom is over and everything is back to normal. We’re all back into those school uniforms stressing ourselves out to finish all the requirements we need to finish. Our eye-bags are returning and there’s no make-up that can cover that up. A few still keep that special day called prom with them. Some through their nails, which haven’t undergone nail polish remover; others through the injuries they received because of heels and others it’s in their frontal cerebrum. One thing is for sure, prom was a night to remember right until the moment it struck 12mn.

credits to Lianne Visperas and Sir Da for photos

Define MIA

MIA is a shortcut for the phrase Missing in Action. By being missing in action, one is unaware of the on-goings of a certain event or in some cases noticeable when one doesn’t appear at an event.

The most notable person to be MIA in my life would be a person named Bianca Diokno also known as the following:

  • my best friend
  • silver/gray color lover
  • addicted to Vampire Diaries
  • too random to handle sanely
  • keychain and plushies collector

One thing to be noted when handling this person is that she can get pretty random. Topics can be anything under the sun as long as she’s into the topic. At the start you may be talking about school work, but as a chat with her progresses, it will move into other things and a probable example would QWOP.

Though we are technically MIA in each other’s lives, we still make it a habit to know what’s up on one side. Even if it’s just a small chat on Y!m or a post on tumblr that shows our thoughts, we always take it into mind. The most probable reason why we’re MIA in each other’s life is because she’s always with her section, Potassium. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing since I’m kind of hopping through different places from time to time. The only time we would see each other is Food Science period since we’re seatmates, so we basically see each other 3x a week. xD

I perceive Bianca as someone who is born to be a follower, but only when needed can step up to be a leader. She also has her own opinions, but doesn’t have the guts to share it with others except for those close to her. She’s someone I really trust and she seems to know what she’s doing most of the time. I love her as a friend dearly because she’s awesome like that. :))

Because I was “busy” on the 19th….

Double dosage of awesome people again!

First off! This is Marlo Olveña also known as the Seducer. :)) Just kidding, but he does like seducing people once in a while. Of course he has learned that some people are just fast learners and voila!, people in Sodium know how to seduce. He’s a really awesome person who tries to make everyone feel better by showing his own misery instead. Sadly, it doesn’t work on me since he’s showing that he’s miserable, which makes me sad in a way. I care for my friends, ok?

Marlo is someone I got to know more this 3rd year. I’ve known him since 2nd year, but that’s because I kept crashing the Sampaguita room from time to time. He’s one of my groupmates in STR and well, as a group, we’re having a hard time in STR. I hope we can get through the last quarter of STR because I’m seriously scared that we won’t. He’s one of the people who I really notice in class like his presence. I don’t know what else to say; he’s someone who I trust I guess. I don’t mind sharing my problems with him. 🙂

It’s hotness. :> Haha. This is Ryan Tuzon, one of my fellow Sapphire classmates and barkada. I didn’t get to know him that much in first year, but around 2nd year, I started to get to know more and he’s one of this awesome people to talk to. We usually share our problems to each other, which is really cool. He knows how to see things from different point of views, which is why when you share problems, he understands what one is sharing in a way.

He’s one of the guitar players of Sapphire, but Sapphire seems to be dominated with guitar players. He likes playing the guitar and has fun learning more stuff to play as time goes by. He’s a music person like most Sapphire people. He’s one of the less mischievous people of the Sapphire gazebo since he isn’t the type to start soda wars. He’s a gentleman in a way and he’s always willing to accompany friends if ever they need to go to the cafeteria or submit something at a certain unit. 😀

Always Around

Yesterday I didn’t have the chance to write a post about Reina since she was assigned to Dec. 6. Today, it’s Patrick’s turn, so I decided that I might as well do a double dosage post. Anyway, the two have something in common: they are the ones I know I can trust no matter what. 🙂

First off, Reina Adriano. She’s my so-called twin, but then that was probably due to only two reasons: we both wear glasses and we both just love anime. I don’t get to talk to her that often, but when I do it’s always those deep thoughts and “bangag” moments after every deep conversation. Reina… she’s one of those people I have the tendency to rant to. She’s my sound board in a way and I really appreciate her for that; I mean this is considering that the moment Is tart ranting, I can’t see to stop. It’s surprising she hasn’t strayed away from me or hasn’t been bothered by how I rant.

I’m really happy for her considering that she now has a prom date as compared to me, who is about 99.9% sure about not getting a prom date. I hope that her prom day will be eventful and that she’ll still be happy even though there might be a possibility that I won’t go, but that’s just me being kj or really lazy.

The person in the picture above is too awesome to be explained in just words. You have to see the awesomeness to believe it. The one and only Patrick Andaya will have a high chance of being my soulmate. Three years being classmates with each other and it makes me wonder how we haven’t been separated yet considering we’re kind of the best of friends. I remember stating at around 2nd year that if I continued on being classmates with him, I’d never get an Andaya teacher. Luckily, I passed the Food Science test and I got his mom as a teacher; now I don’t have to worry about never getting an Andaya teacher.

He’s probably that person who has noticed how I’ve changed in about 3 school years or maybe not change but rather knows whether my presence is there or not. Unlike Reina, he isn’t my sound board, but rather someone to tell bits of information to and he’d find so random comment that just happens to make me smile. I think that’s a skill of his– making people smile.

In the same light, in 3 years, I’ve seen how he’s changed. He isn’t as lazy as he was in 1st year and knows some sense of responsibility now. I have no idea how he became more responsible in the span of 3 years, but it’s a good change. I’ve also seen how fail his love life is, but I seriously don’t want to go into details about it.

All in all, Reina and Patrick are 2 out of 3 of the important friends in my high school life. Who’s the 3rd? You guys probably know who, but the day of that person’s special post is way far away from these dates. It’s best to expect around the last few days of year 2010.

Even when I’m hostile

Everyone basically has this friend who you envy because of what he or she has. I have one too and that’s why the title of this post is such.

Meet Raisa Borlaza. She’s this smart girl who has a hobby of listening to music, then again that’s the thing for almost everyone hailing from Sapphire. She has a really nice smile and… DIMPLES! Yeah, her really cute dimples. It’s hard to get to know her in a way especially since she’s a dormer and I’m an extern, so the only times I get to actually talk to her is at the gazebo during breaks, which is tough in a way since we don’t have much of the same interests.

She’s really close to the guys in the gazebo to the point that she helps them with their love life problems. She’s really caring when it comes to the guys, but at some point it becomes a subconscious thing for the guys to notice her more than the other girls. That’s probably one of the reasons why the girls in the Sapphrie gazebo are diminishing, but oh well. Some of us have learned to live with that fact.

I’m 99.9% sure that she has higher grades than me nowadays. The only time I probably got higher grades than her was 1st quarter of 1st year. xD We help each other out at times when it comes to studies. There’s not much I can say about her, but one thing is for sure, I want to get to know her more. 🙂

10 Days without the two.

International Junior Science Olympiad(IJSO) is a very prestigious competition held every year. The competition is mostly based on Science topics, so that includes the three major sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It’s an amazing thing that I really want to see it close-up. Too bad that it is happening in Nigeria– far far away from oh-so bipolar weather Philippines.

Thankfully two people that I am close to are going there to represent the Philippines. One of them is a friend of mine and the other is a classmate that I really trust and admire.

First off, Dave Ramos. He’s this really smart guy who seems to know almost everything. He gets the highest of grades and it looks like he doesn’t even try that hard to get them; he’s like a genius. He’s one of those people that at 11pm or even later, he’s still up and hasn’t even finished half the homeworks on the list. It’s quite amusing actually, but that’s one of the reasons I’m sort of close to him. Talking late at night in order to finish requirements and I tend to leech off answers from him. Teehee. He’s really laid back despite all of the things I just stated above. I’ll miss him for the 10-days since I have no one to leech off help in Chem, Physics and Math from. xD Oh! I forgot to include that his presence makes my day happier especially when you see him run into the classroom because he’s late. 😀

The second person would be my friend, Raimarc Dionido. We’re in the same barkada, which is composed mostly of people from my first year section, Sapphire. He’s like Dave also except more responsible. At around 11pm, you’ll still see him awake, but at least by then most of his homeworks are done and the only reason he’s still online is because he isn’t sleepy yet or he’s playing. I go to him for help too, but I don’t leech off of him as much as Dave. He’s my anime companion and we can spend hours talking about anime and that has really happened before(we got lucky it was a long weekend when it happened). He’s that friend of mine who helped me right at the moment of my separation, so I’m really grateful for him. For the 10-days of him being gone, I’ll miss our late night talks and those sound trips & guitar playing at the gazebo.

I really hope they do well along with the 4 other representatives going to Nigeria. I know they’ll do their very best and will try to make the country proud. I wish they’d stay safe and take this competition and trip as a worth while experience.